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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Thank you for coming onto my blog, I am Adewole Ademolake.

My journey into property started through the wise counsel of a good uncle of mine. He suggested that I studied a BTEC in Construction in 2004.

As tough as this journey has been, I kept on dreaming through disappointments, recessions, loss of jobs, and heart-breaking setbacks but kept persisting. Fast-forward a decade or so, my old dreams have come true, and now I have been in the property development game for just over 11 years. So, I would like to welcome you to my story called A’lake (me) Dreaming.

I find myself speaking to so many people about my experiences, so I thought, why not use this as an outlet to express thoughts on varying topics in my fantastic industry. I am passionate about, encouraging others to get onto the property ladder. 

I am a proud husband and father of beautiful daughters with these being my most significant achievements. I studied a building surveying degree and then went on to do a master’s in real estate. I am also a qualified planning and development surveyor.

My dreams have allowed me to have worked in property development within the public and private sectors. I went from selling shared ownership homes to managing multimillion-pound mixed-use development. 

On an individual basis, I have assisted clients with design services and securing planning permission on smaller projects. Projects ranged from small new homes, change of use applications, applying for the housing of multiple occupancy permits, viability reviews and community consultation. 

Professionally, I am a property developer who has managed multi-phased regeneration schemes and masterplans consisting of thousands of homes. My company is called A'lake. Feel free to check out my corporate website. 

The journey has not been comfortable, but it has been fun and rewarding. In this blog, I will share my views/ experiences on homeownership, planning, property development and give snippets into my life so far. I hope that this blog informs, encourages, motivates and inspires you to keep your wildest dreams alive. 

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