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You don't need a lot to do a lot- My friend earned £30k and bought three properties

I dedicate this post to a friend who produced outstanding results irrespective of his circumstances and earning capacity. His story is one that makes me know that anything is possible for those who know what they want. He is a true inspiration to me and I hope he will inspire you also.

My friend grew in the same area as me in East London, was indeed one of the lads and was well respected by the boys. I knew him from the local area, but I wouldn't have classed him as a friend at the time. Maybe a hello there, a joke here and there and that was it.

Our friendship took shape when my mum moved us out of the old neighbourhood. He was impressed by how I used to think and do things, and we developed a good friendship which is still solid until this day.

The start

Growing up in inner-city London has its challenges, especially for black boys, but what makes it harder is peer pressure and lack of parental guidance. Despite these challenges and the strong pull from many negative influences, my friend was able to elevate himself to do what many people couldn't. He destroyed a stereotype, obtained a degree and now works in a stable industry.

His work ethic and the distractions

This friend of mine didn't earn a lot, but he was a person that was punching above his weight and knocking out opponents in heavier weight classes. Just imagine someone as small as Mayweather knocking out Anthony Joshua.

In 2015, with a salary of £30k and a wife to be who was a creative freelancer, he set himself a target which many perceived to be impossible which was to buy a house (not a flat) close to London.

He established his shortcomings, but this was over-compensated in his work ethic and stoic determination. To build up a sizeable deposit he worked a day job, did security on the weekends whilst planning a wedding. With all these competing objectives, he did not complain but just kept trooping forward intending to achieve his objectives. This whole process lasted just over 2 years which was physically and mentally straining for him. With friends buying new cars, partying, going on holiday, buying excellent watches and generally enjoying life, he stayed away because he knew what he wanted. To top it all off, when he got married, he temporarily moved back in with his family, which to many, is undesirable. He found peace knowing that he will not only have a beautiful bride who he will one be his wife but also have a fantastic house in the process.

The time came, and he had what many would consider being a spectacular wedding. One year later, after working seven day weeks, he and his wife bought a gorgeous house. My question to you is, what are you willing to do to get what you want? On hearing news about him completing his house purchase, he was my definition of a successful man. I use the word success as he set his "own" target, understood the difficulty in achieving his target, yet he painfully achieved it without any complaints. His salary to the average eye should not have allowed him to buy the home he now owns with his wife, but they were able to do it regardless.

The story continues

Post purchasing his first family home, my friend kept on working nights whilst having a 9-5. This extra money and hard work allowed him to invest in a property in Northern England. I looked at this guy and thought if only people knew what they could do if they focused. He was a testament to that, and I glean much inspiration from him. He did not allow circumstances to define him; he defined his circumstances to become a property owner of two.

With person debts mounting, the weight of two properties on his mind, he was genuinely feeling the pressure. His determination is something I wish most of us can embody. We shouldn't look at where we are but should focus on where we are going. My mate stayed focused on where he was going. I can guarantee that on his salary of £30k, he owned more properties than those who earned 2-3 times that he was earning. The message here is not to allow your salary to define you. It would be best if you defined what your salary can do for you.

It does not stop there

Two years after a second investment property in 2017, he decided it was time for him to find a bigger home. The proposal was that he would turn his existing home into a buy to let, buy a new place and still own an investment property in the midlands. How did he do it? Again the response is simple, concentration on the positives and a warhorse work ethic.

Again, he decided to move back into his family home, rent out his house and save for their new home. My friend and his wife pulled this off again and were able to buy their third home. All the while, his salary was still between £30-£50k and his wife was still a freelancer.

My friend and his wife purchased all three properties within four years.

A vote of thanks to an amazing wife to my friend

I want to thank my friend's wife for being understanding despite the early challenges. Not many women will be comfortable moving back into their spouses family home. She embodied inner qualities which many people overlook, which is to be patient and supportive whilst financially contributing throughout the process. Not to complain or be demanding but simply to be understanding. Now, she is enjoying to fruits or her labour with her husband. I salute her strength in supporting my friend in staying healthy, motivated and loved.

The message

Excuses are for losers. Do not make excuses but focus on results as my friend did. Always remember that persistence breaks resistance.

There is no shame in moving back to your family home as a grown man as long as you are focused on your overall aim. What was considered to be a taboo for him to bring his wife back to his family house turned out to be a springboard that got made him a property owner of three. Don't hustle backwards and rent an apartment, if you have a cheap room where you can maximise your savings, utilise it. If you can save money by renting out your house and moving back in with your family, do it. Pride is a real-life killer. Humility is a liberator.

Don't let your salary hold you down but find a way to make it work for you.

Have a strong partnership with your spouse. As they say, together, everyone achieves more, and this is the case in my friend's life.

Finally, you are guilty or liberated by association. My friend and I encourage each other a lot, and the evidence between both of us is clear. Results do not lie, so be sure to be mindful of the value of your associations



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